Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Stealing - Again

Its seems unlikely that I would admit to stealing, altho I have committed this act in more than one way in my life. And here I am again, stealing once more. I haven't been on here in sometime, even tho I had committed myself to attempting to write every day at the beginning of the year, time has somehow gotten away from me. And in an attempt to ease my heart from hurting a little this morning, I reviewed some of the blogs that I follow; one being "for the love of a horse". Probably one of my favorite blogs, written by a man named Ralph about horses that have entered or touched his life in some way. And it seems, without fail, when I read - on the off occassion - his entire blog entry, it is exactly what I needed to read. So I'm stealing some of his words of wisdom yet again. "I don't know how or even why but something really beautiful happened in my life, at a point when I was really feeling, well, a bit hopeless." You wouldn't know it from this simple statement or even from the entire paragraph written on the link for this blog, but the writer is speaking of his horse "Mimi". There is little else to the blog written except a picture of this mare whom he refers to as a "beautiful" thing but it is enough. I wonder sometimes if my horses, Raychel, Myisha and Princess, know what turmoil is going on just 50 yards from their almost grassless pasture? I wonder if these creations know that when I am talking to them from afar I am hoping for some miniscual response? And I think for whatever reason they do, I mean I know people say pets don't understand but I believe they are wrong. Because when I most need to be close to one of them, I can stand in the pasture and Raychel will be the first one to me. She will stand right next to me and not move, not a muscle, and almost keep watch around us. Funny that she knows exactly when to stop and stand next to me without bribery of feed, funny that at times when I am most feeling a bit hopeless these creations become a beautiful thing that happens to me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost.....But Not Yet.

Psalms 69:29 I am in pain and distress, may your salvation, O God protect me. It is unfortunate in my humble opinion that there are scriptures that refer to pain, anguish, and distress in the middle of a "love story". I wish, at some point in this so-called card hand I 'feel' as though I've been dealt, that I'd get a royal flush. (And yes I 'feel' it I don't necessarily believe it-well not all of it anyway.) I have to say that I never really, really read Psalms not intentionally, maybe in reference but not intentionally. And I have heard people say that they have been given life scriptures, of which I have no idea what that means - I thought all scripture was life scripture but what do I know. And I have to say I wonder - ponder- wait for my "life scripture", something that I don't believe has "happened" yet or that I something that I haven't worked toward yet - or so I thought. I've been looking for something to make me laugh, I mean heart laugh, and I found a comedian on, Mark Lowry, who is very funny and gives a message within the funny, and he has a life scripture....are you ready? "and it came to pass" That's it "and it came to pass". So here I sit looking at Psalms 69:29 - feeling in pain and distress, trying to find something - someway to 'numb' the pain (by the way 'numb' is not in the reference that I searched just FYI). And I find that David, King David, once again was crying out to God in pain, hurt, distress, anguish, etc, etc, etc. And he only asked that God's salvation be enough to protect him. And then I remembered my comedian's life scripture and I searched it on my reference guide (just so you know you have to use the King James version....this paraphrase is not in the NIV - sad when I think about what's next that they removed this from the NIV version). The phrase "came to pass" is in the King James version 462 times in some manner; either 'and it came to pass', 'it shall come to pass', 'it all came to pass', 'it came to pass in those days'. Funny that I have these two things together huh? From pain to passing; and I wonder when this too shall come to pass, this pain, fear, heartbreak, and distress, when will it come to pass and my story will start again and maybe it will start with "and it came to pass, the pain and distress because His salvation protected me...."