Sunday, July 26, 2009

What to Write?

It's been forever and I feel like I have missed out on something since I have been away from the blogspot. I have, finally, begun sharing this site with friends whom I have been somewhat afraid to share my new found faith with...why? I don't really know. Maybe because I don't want to look as though I have changed or become something different. Maybe because I am still dealing with "God as my banner". More than likely the second excuse..note I say excuse. And I say that knowing that I have heard at least four messages (heard in the sense that I have read it, seen it, heard it literally from spiritual leaders) stating "No Excuses. Just Results." What a statement! Unfortunately I am having a more and more difficult time moving in that direction. I have actually found more excuses not to move in the 'no excuses' direction. Wonder why that is??? I think I know, and that is half the problem...I know!!! I know that I am suppose to start moving again. I am suppose to start rebuilding, restating, reaffirming, re-establishing my life foundation and begin my journey to building, establishing, setting up and working for God's purpose. So, in essence, I am in a fight, a spiritual fight but a fight nonetheless. In retaliation to this fight that my body and mind are screaming to not be part of, and which those parts of me would love for me to faulter and follow my desires, instead I am going to step out - hopefully tonight- and start what I believe is where the stepping stones backyard.
Give me grace and humility to know when it is You and when You are leading to step out of the way and follow. Amen.