Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Has Happened?

I'm not sure what has happened in the past couple of months, at least not in chronological order but I do have a clear idea of what happened. Lots of stuff that's what's happened!! Among all other things two very big things: 1. our daughter, Jennifer, was baptized and 2. my father passed away. One the beginning of a new life in Christ by Jennifer's obedience and the ending of a life and passing from our world to a spiritual world. But first things first.
Jennifer my beautiful, smart, godly daughter who is amazing and graceful decided to be baptized. Something she was excited about when she made the decision and then matter of facty about when she told me. It was as though she just said it, declared it and did it. I don't know who this child is sometimes but I do know that God has great plans for her. Plans that He set into motion long, long ago and is carrying out in the heart and mind of a non-reason. When I say this I don't mean that she jumps in without looking at where she is going but when she knows God is leading her she follows completely with faith and blindly letting God lead her. Wow what an amazing child, what an amazing God.
Second, my father passing away. I had eight months to prepare for this day, he was diagnosised with terminal brain cancer in November of last year. My brothers and sister had much longer than the doctor predicted, much more. But I still after all this time, wasn't truly prepared for him to be gone. When I received the call at home early Saturday morning (Sept 12) my amazing husband stepped into place and took over helping me get ready. When my friend, Peggie, was told she stepped into place and gave me comfort that I needed, even tho I didn't think so. And before we, my family, left for Michigan, Peggie told me that I have a Father to take the place my dad's place in my life. And she was right, up to this incident, I didn't realize the God, my heavenly Father, was filling a void that I had and He continued to fill in that void as new voids were created. I miss my Dad, even tho I didn't spend or see him as much as I truly wanted, I miss him. Yet that missing is just that a missing, not a void or empty space in my life. I don't know his heart but God does and did and I truly believe that in the last moments God was sitting with my Dad comforting him to sleep and a peaceful, non-painful rest. I had a wonderful Dad, he could teach anyone to dance and fish and I have a wonderful Heavenly Father who comforted me in the exact time I needed it.
Many more things have happened little incidents over the past month that made this last month exciting, lively. I believe with all my heart that God made every moment and event fit neatly into place from growing more slowly in my spiritual life to my dad's passing, God was in total control. More than comfort, more than peace, is what I have, I have joy and mercy, a filled void that can never be lost, a God who cares enough to know, listen and act.