Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Do I Write About?

I have, after re-reading some of my past blogs, come to the conclusion that I have either way to much to say or some outside source has taken over and been allowed the ability to write whatever, whenever. I'm opting for the outside source. Those posts that have been unthought out and those that are very random in content that I write. What in the world.....Do you remember...How is it possible....that somehow make it from running amuck in my head to... paper(?) yet I write. So since I have opted for the outside source, of which I am firmly sticking with, I wondered if there was a reason, logical reason, one other than I'm simply going crazy. So to the internet I go! And what did I find, well not much. (figure that one out) What I did discover was that I wanted a source for the uncontrolled writing. What meaning does all the stuff thats out there, the things that no one should really read or know for that matter. Yet out the stuff comes and down the fingers to the page. So once more, I went over the things that I had written in the recent past and found that a majority of it was just crap. Yes I have graduated from stuff to crap! And I really can't remember writing or putting down these words for any particular reason. But in my head and in an attempt to figure out the oustide source, I did a little deeper research, within myself, and what I discovered is this: I love to hear the root of words, how they derived to our English language (actually more American than English) from Greek or Latin. What those simple English words in Greek/Latin means and the unsurmountable meanings of the Greek/Latin root. So I looked up "writing" or "write" and what it derived from and the word script is all that there is, that's it, nothing more nothing less just script. Very disappointing I have to say. But then I found something of a dictionary or what I thought was going to be a dictionary and found that the word script has a different meaning within sentences. The two most common meanings "to put down" or "to journal". At the same site it cross referenced script with scripture (this was not intentional by the way) and, altho I knew this, I found that many of the disciples wrote in some fashion. And yes, I know you know that too! But did you ever think why they did that? I'm mean besides the reality of no phones or internet. Why did these men write to their friends knowing that in the course of transfer they would be discovered by the Romans or Jews as Christians? I believe that in every instance when Paul or Peter start one of their scripts it was to pass encouragement and instruction to those abroad they were doing it as a journal, a putting down of words for their memory. Things were probably happening very fast and without order in Paul and Peter's time, I bet that they had very short memory spans, especially when under distress or anguish. So they write to their friends, encouraging them to stay on course. I don't know why the outside source in my head is putting the crap down that it is. I don't understand the reasoning when I re-read some of the crap that I wrote to come to an understanding of what I was trying to say. I don't remember writing those things most of the time. So why do I allow this outside source to continue to put the crap out there? For me. I ask friends to read this and offer it to friends who I think may benefit from my rambling crap but in truth the things that I write by the forced hand of the outside source is for my journal. The things in my head sound just like those that end up out there. In my head, I have those ramblings of 'what in the world' ' do you remember' and 'when this happened' running literally amuck just like they end up on the paper. So what do I write about....crap, sometimes literally but its all a glimpse for you into my head and journal of those things I don't remember for me.